Our Operations

Silver Creek Midstream is one of the largest pipeline operators for the gathering and transportation of crude oil in the state of Wyoming.  Today, we operate over 870-miles of crude oil gathering and transportation pipelines, with over 150 miles of additional pipelines currently planned or under construction. In addition to Silver Creek’s expansive pipeline systems, the Company also operates multiple truck injection stations, a unit train capable rail facility in Converse County, and over 2.0+ million barrels of storage.

Wyoming Operations Map
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Powder River Basin Asset

Silver Creek Midstream’s Powder River Basin Pipeline System offers a comprehensive crude midstream solution across Converse, Campbell, Johnson, and Natrona counties. The Pipeline System currently includes 340+ miles of crude trunkline and gathering pipelines, 1.25+ million barrels of crude storage providing batch capability through the system for up to three different specifications of crude oil, and a unit train capable rail facility in and out of the Silver Creek Pronghorn Terminal. Additionally, Silver Creek Midstream has partnered with Tallgrass Energy to form the Powder River Gateway Joint Venture, which owns and operates both the Iron Horse and Powder River Express pipelines and the Guernsey Hub consisting of 500+ thousand barrels of crude storage. The pipelines provide 325+ thousand barrels per day of pipeline capacity from Silver Creek’s Pronghorn Terminal to Guernsey, and the Guernsey hub provides four existing inner connections to pipelines providing access to the Casper, Patoka, Cushing and Gulf Coast markets.

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Red Butte Asset

Red Butte is a 530-mile crude oil pipeline system with an expansive footprint across the Big Horn and Wind River Basins.  Red Butte is currently the largest pipeline gathering asset transporting crude oil out of the Big Horn and Wind River Basins to Casper, Wyoming. The system has two delivery points, multiple truck loading stations, and over 800,000 barrels of storage along the system.

Contact: info@scmidstream.com

Current Projects

Silver Creek Midstream is currently expanding its existing Powder River Pipeline System across the core of the Powder River Basin to meet the growing demand and midstream needs of the Basin.