Our Operations

Silver Creek Midstream is one of the largest pipeline operators for the gathering and transportation of crude oil in the state of Wyoming.  Today, we operate over 580-miles of crude oil gathering and transportation pipelines, with over 200-miles of additional pipelines currently planned or under construction.  The Company’s pipelines serve the Big Horn, Wind River and Powder River Basins.  In addition to Silver Creek’s expansive pipeline systems, the company also operates multiple truck injection stations and over 900,000 barrels of storage.

Basin info

Red Butte Asset

Red Butte is a 530-mile crude oil gathering system with an expansive footprint across the Big Horn and Wind River Basins.  Red Butte is currently the largest pipeline gathering asset transporting crude oil out of the Big Horn and Wind River Basins to Casper, Wyoming. The system has two delivery points, multiple truck loading stations, and over 800,000 barrels of storage along the system.

Commercial Contact: Jon Hanna, SVP of Business Development, info@scmidstream.com

Powder River Basin Asset

Silver Creek Midstream announced the construction of a new build crude gathering system in the core of the Powder River Basin to address the Basin’s need for large scale crude gathering and take-away.  In addition to Silver Creek’s gathering system, Silver Creek and Tallgrass Energy Partners formed a joint venture in February 2018 to develop the Iron Horse Pipeline. The ~80-mile, 16” Iron Horse Pipeline will transport crude from Silver Creek’s Midway Terminal to Tallgrass’s Guernsey Terminal. In addition to the joint venture, Silver Creek acquired Tallgrass’s ~50-mile Powder River Basin crude gathering assets which will be integrated into Silver Creek’s Crude Gathering System.

Commercial Contact: Jon Hanna, SVP of Business Development, info@scmidstream.com

Current Projects

Silver Creek Midstream is currently constructing a crude gathering system across the core of the Powder River Basin. Collectively, the “Silver Creek Crude Gathering System” will include the crude gathering assets it acquired from Tallgrass Energy Partners in February 2018 as well as the newly-built pipelines. The project is anticipated to be in-service by Q1 2019.