August 6, 2020 Erin

Red Butte Pipe Line, LLC Open Season Announcement

Red Butte Pipe Line, LLC (“Red Butte” or “Carrier”) is pleased to announce that it is launching an open season today to solicit shipper commitments for the refurbishment and overhaul of a pipeline spanning approximately eight (8) miles between the Red Butte Gebo Station located in Hot Springs County, Wyoming to Chatham Station located in Washakie County, Wyoming (“Pipeline Project”). Upon a showing of significant shipper interest, the Pipeline Project will be capable of providing up to 5,000 barrels per day of transportation service for petroleum meeting the Carrier’s common stream (API gravity between 30º and 50º, with an upper sulfur content limit of 0.42%).

The deadline for submitting bids in the open season is September 7, 2020, but may be extended at Carrier’s sole discretion.

Interested shippers may review the details of the open season after the execution of a confidentiality agreement that may be obtained by contacting the following representatives:

Bill Keener
(469) 614-2165

Chris Storey
(469) 614-2248

Red Butte is a 495-mile crude oil pipeline system with an expansive footprint across the Big Horn and Wind River Basins. Red Butte is currently the largest pipeline gathering asset transporting crude oil out of the Big Horn and Wind River Basins to Casper, Wyoming. The system has two delivery points, multiple truck loading stations, and over 800,000 barrels of storage along the system. For additional information, please visit